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Greetings HeroClix Retailers and Fans!

Today we’re going to talk about the next exciting Storyline Organized Play program, DC HeroClix: War of Light.  We’re making some changes this time around with the express purpose of making things more flexible for everyone, and we want to highlight those changes for everyone’s benefit.

War of Light will be the next DC HeroClix Storyline Organized Play program, and will span six months beginning in June 2014. Like Fear ItselfWar of Light will kick off with the release of a Scenario Pack in May 2014.  The DC HeroClix: War of Light “The Sinestro Corps War” Scenario Pack (click here for the solicit) will include the following exclusive content:

  • Two DC HeroClix figures unique to this Scenario Pack; Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Sinestro
  • Dice with custom Green Lantern logo
  • Two 3D special objects found only in this Scenario Pack; the Green Lantern Ring and Shield Construct
  • 48 Horde Tokens, 2 Maps and more!

All of the above content can only be found in the DC HeroClix: War of Light “The Sinestro Corps War” Scenario Pack and will not be available anywhere else.  This Scenario Pack is a “For-Sale” product for stores to use in order to build excitement and awareness for their in-store War of Light Organized Play programs.

Brother Warth

(Still with us after all that text? Here’s Blue Lantern Brother Warth to encourage you further!)

Coming back to the War of Light Organized Play program, another similarity to Fear Itself is that War of Light will also feature five-figure tournament boosters with content exclusive to this Organized Play series. However, unlike Fear ItselfWar of Light five-figure tournament boosters and the OP Kit materials will be packed separately in order to create more flexibility in the program for retailers.

Additionally, the War of Light Organized Play kits will now only support up to 10 players each, meaning that there are only enough participation prizes for 10 players (plus an eleventh prize for the event Judge or tournament organizer).  This is different from previous Storyline Organized Play Kits, which supported up to 20 players each.

This new 10-player Organized Play kit model will be reflected in all of our storyline Organized Play programs for the foreseeable future, There are still four copies of the competitive prize in the new 10-player kits, so for stores ordering more than one kit (to accommodate larger play groups), they will have even more prizes to give out for their Organized Play events!

There is yet another important change worth noting as well: War of Light is a much larger set than Fear Itself was.  The War of Light tournament set includes 96 figures that can be pulled from the War of Light five-figure tournament boosters.

Now, we’re aware that 96 figures is a lot of content so what we’ve done is create two waves of tournament boosters, aptly named “Wave One” and “Wave Two”.  The Wave One tournament boosters are tied to War of Light Month One and Two events, while the Wave Two tournament boosters are tied to War of Light Month Three and Four events.

Additionally, since War of Light monthly events will be sealed play with two HeroClix boosters, stores will have the following options for their War of Light events:

  • Stores can host their War of Light events utilizing one War of Light booster and another HeroClix booster of the store’s choice, OR
  • Stores can host their War of Light event utilizing two War of Light boosters.

Dex-Star(Okay, that was a LOT more text, so here’s a picture of Red Lantern Dex-Star to break things up a bit)

Now, with greater content and flexibility comes greater responsibility; stores will need to be certain to order both their monthly War of Light Organized Play kits and their tournament boosters separately.  The War of Light boosters will be in high demand and in short supply.  However, because we have split the boosters and Organized Play kits in War of Light, the Organized Play kits should be more widely available.


For example, let’s say a store has 8 players (and one Judge) who regularly attend storyline Organized Play events and this store wants to plan for its War of Light events. Well, let’s start with Month One as an example:

Firstly, that store will need to be certain to order one War of Light Organized Play Month One kit (click here for the solicit); that will support its anticipated player base.  Since each kit will support up to 10 players, and this store has never hosted more than 8 players for its storyline events (plus their Judge), one kit should be enough.

Now, the store needs to decide how many War of Light boosters it will offer its players for sealed play.  Since War of Light is a larger set than Fear Itself and thus more challenging to collect, and since it there is a limited window for each wave of tournament boosters, the store decides to offer two War of Light tournament boosters for each player for each of its War of Light monthly events.  This means that the store will need to order two bricks of theWave One tournament boosters (click here for the solicit) for its month One War of Light event (two bricks equals 20 boosters, which is enough for 8 players at two War of Light boosters each).

As the store plans its Month Two events, it chooses to do the same thing, which means ordering one War of Light Month Two Organized Play kit (click here for the solicit) and another two bricks of Wave One tournament boosters (71193).

The store does likewise for each of its War of Light Months Three and Four events as well.  For each month’s event, it orders the following:

This brings us right up to War of Light Months Five and Six.  For the final two months of the War of Light program we have one last change to announce and that is that there is no specific wave of War of Light tournament boosters tied to Months Five and Six.

What this means for stores is that they are free to use any combination of leftover War of Light tournament boosters (either Wave One or Wave Two, or a combination of Waves One and Two) and other HeroClix boosters they have to support their Months Five and Six War of Light sealed events.

Stores can attempt to order additional Wave One and/or Two tournament boosters, but inventory will likely be non-existent by the time Months Five and Six roll around, so plan ahead!

Therefore, for Months Five and Six, stores will need to order the following:


So, to recap the changes in War of Light:

  • War of Light five-figure tournament boosters and War of Light monthly Organized Play kits will be packed separately, and are separate SKUs to be ordered.
  • War of Light Organized Play kits will support up to 10 players, unlike previous kits that supported up to 20 players
  • War of Light is a much larger tournament set than Fear Itself, with almost three times the figural content in tournament boosters
  • There are two waves of War of Light tournament boosters:
    • Wave One tournament boosters are tied to War of Light months One and Two
    • Wave Two tournament boosters are tied to War of Light months Three and Four
  • Stores have the option of offering War of Light sealed play with one War of Light tournament booster (plus another HeroClix booster of the store’s choice), OR two War of Light tournament boosters.
  • War of Light Months Five and Six do not have any specific wave of tournament boosters tied to them.  Instead stores are free to use whatever Wave One and/or Wave Two tournament boosters they still have, and/or other HeroClix boosters, in order to support sealed play for those months.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro

(Great job! You made it to the end!)

In conclusion, DC HeroClix: War of Light is going to be a big-big-BIG event in 2014 and we want it to be as fun as possible.  We hope this deep dive into the program will enable stores to get most of the heavy lifting out of the way now, so that when June 2014 rolls around, everyone can concentrate on having a fun time!  We have grown the War of Light Organized Play program due to the incredible response to similar programs, specifically Fear Itself, and ordered accordingly.  Nonetheless, we anticipate that War of Light will be even more popular and could go crazy.

In parting, we’d like to thank you all for your continued support of HeroClix, and we leave you with this FAQ (below) that will hopefully answer any lingering questions you may have about War of Light.

-The WK Team


DC HeroClix: War of Light Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is DC HeroClix: War of Light?
A: DC HeroClix: War of Light is a six-month storyline Organized Play program beginning in June 2014.  War of Light features exclusive content found only in War of Light five-figure tournament boosters and limited edition prizes found only in Organized Play kits.

Q: How often will DC HeroClix: War of Light events take place?
A: Each DC HeroClix: War of Light Organized Play kit will support one monthly event for up to 10 players each.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in DC HeroClix: War of Light?
A: Stores must be registered in the WizKids Event System (WES), and must have signed off on the WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement.  Lastly, stores must schedule their monthly DC HeroClix: War of Light events in the WES as well.

Q: How do I order DC HeroClix: War of Light Organized Play materials and five-figure boosters?
A: Contact your HeroClix distributor’s sales rep to order today!

Q: What if my distributor runs out of DC HeroClix: War of Light Wave One or Wave Two boosters? Can I still run the events?
A: Make no mistake, DC HeroClix: War of Light is going to be hot and the boosters will only be available while supplies last.  If your distributor runs out of boosters for any particular month, you can still order your War of Light Organized Play kits separately, and run the sealed events with any two other HeroClix boosters from your inventory.

Q: Can I set aside extra War of Light boosters from my Wave One and Two booster bricks for use in Months Five and Six? 
A: Absolutely.  This is an excellent plan as we do not believe there will be much, if any, booster product available directly from us by the time months Five and Six roll around.  Caching extra boosters like this for later use will allow greater flexibility for stores’ events later in the program.  Any product leftover from War of Light months One-Four can be used in months Five and Six.

Q: What if I need three or more War of Light Organized Play kits to support my store’s monthly War of Light events?
A: Talk to your Sales Rep; every request for additional kits will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What if, after speaking with my sales rep, I still cannot get enough War of Light Organized Play kits? 
A: This is actually part of the reason we’re allowing for more Booster Bricks to be purchased per Organized Play kit.  While not perfect, it will allow stores flexibility to accommodate additional players than their War of Light Organized Play kit allotment would normally allow.

Q: Where can I find more information about DC HeroClix: War of Light?
A: In the coming weeks, more information about DC HeroClix: War of Light will soon be available at

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