A HeroClix game ends when any one of the following situations occurs:
• Zero or one player has characters left on the map after all current actions have been resolved, OR
• A predetermined time limit/number of rounds for the game passes, OR
• A condition of the scenario or event dial being played causes the game to end.
Characters can’t leave the map before the end of the game unless defeated or unless required to do so by a game effect. After a winner has been determined, all players retrieve their game pieces.

If only one player has surviving (undefeated)characters at the end of the game, that player is the winner. Otherwise, at the end of the game all players count their victory points (see below). Whoever scores the most victory points wins the game. If two players played as an allied team, their points are added together. If there is a tie in victory points, all tied players roll 2d6 and the player with the highest total result wins.

Victory points are scored as follows:
Defeated characters. Every opposing character that is defeated during the game earns you a number of victory points equal to its point value.
Objects. Every object on an opponent’s force that is removed from the game earns you a number of victory points equal to its point value.

Additional Team Abilities. Each defeated character that was assigned an ATA earns you additional victory points for the point cost per character listed on the ATA card.
Feats and Event Dials. If you used these Tactics in the battle, see Part 4 (p. 20) for more on how they affect victory points.
When playing with more than 2 players, victory points from defeated characters or removed objects go to the player who was active when the character was defeated. If a character was defeated on its owner’s turn, the opponent that has most recently damaged the character earns the points. If no opponents damaged the character, the points are divided evenly.

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