Wild card team abilities allow a character to use any team ability possessed by any friendly character on the battlefield. A character that possesses a wild card team ability is called a “wild card.” Although wild cards can use team abilities, they do not possess the copied team ability nor do they possess the team symbol. Certain game effects only apply to characters that possess a particular team ability or symbol – wild cards would not qualify for these through using another character’s team ability. Some team abilities are labeled as “Uncopyable.” A wild card character can’t use an uncopyable team ability from another character.
A wild card may be given a free action to use a single team ability that a friendly character possesses. A wild card may be given this free action more than once per turn (this is an exception to the rule that characters can’t activate the same free action more than once per turn). A wild card begins the game not using any other character’s team ability. A wild card may change the team ability it is using to any team ability possessed by a friendly character (or no team ability) with each free action it is given.

Tip!Many wild card teams use characters with lots of team abilities so that their wild card can change from one team ability to another throughout the game. Make sure you remember to give your wild cards a free action towards the end of your turn to make sure that they are copying the team ability you want them to have on your opponent’s turn!

A wild card retains its most recently used team ability until it is given a free action to use another team ability (or choose no team ability) or until after the resolution of an action during which all friendly characters whose team ability the wild card is using are defeated or removed from the battlefield. If a copied team ability includes a “once per turn” or “once per game” clause, a wild card follows that clause each time it uses the team ability as if it were using it consistently the entire game. A wild card activating Pulse Wave can continue to use a copied team ability even if the team abilities of the friendly characters are being ignored.


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