Trait abilities are possessed by a character at all times, regardless of how its combat dial is turned during a game. Traits may allow the possession or use of powers, abilities, or other game effects. Trait abilities are indicated by a star symbol on a character’s base. Trait abilities are usually indicated by a star symbol on the character’s base, but may be indicated by a different symbol in the same position. Traits can’t be countered, though in rare circumstances they may grant possession of a power or ability that can be countered.
When a character with multiple starting lines has a trait ability, there may be one or more point values next to the on the character card. These point values indicate the starting lines that must be used in order for the character to possess the trait ability. A character with multiple dials would only list the point values of the dials that possess the trait; these characters possess the trait ability whenever using the dial with the indicated point value(s).

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