Special powers are indicated by a white circle on the character card and a white square outlined in black on the character’s combat dial. The effects of special powers are explained on the character’s character card.
Special powers that allow a character to use multiple powers or effects might require a character to use a separate action to activate each power, unless the power specifically states otherwise. Unless a power specifically states that it can be used as a free action, two powers that both require actions to activate can’t be used by the same character on a single turn with the same action.
Example: A special power that says, “This character can use Exploit Weakness and Flurry” would require the character to use a close combat action to either activate Exploit Weakness or to activate Flurry; but a single close combat action can’t be used to activate both. A special power that says “This character can use Charge and Exploit Weakness” would allow the character to use both in one action as the power action from Charge grants a close combat action as a free action (which can then be used to activate Exploit Weakness).

Special powers that alter the way in which a standard power works only alter the standard power by the specified effects. All other restrictions and conditions set by the standard power are still in effect for the use of that power.

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