Special objects are objects (either tokens or 3-D objects) marked with the symbol. They represent items on the battlefield that create special effects or grant characters holding or using them special abilities. Regardless of which player places a special object, any player can use its abilities, and all players are subject to its effects. The abilities of the special object continue whether the object is being held or occupying a square, though some objects may specify that their effects are ignored when they are held. When a special object is held, it is considered to occupy the squares of the holding character.
Special objects follow normal object rules but also have special effects that can impact nearby terrain and characters, or characters that hold them. Any or all of the objects on your force may be special objects, but each special object must not have the same name as any other special object on your force. Special objects may have a point value listed on their associated card, and cost that many points to add to your force.
When placing objects at the start of the game, special objects must be placed 5 or more squares away from any player’s starting area.

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