Certain game effects will call for a character to be
replaced with one or more other characters on the
map. When assembling your force, you identify
these replacement characters although they are
not yet on your force. Replacement characters’
point values are not added to your build total. All
players should agree on the maximum number of
replacement characters allowed per force.
While replacement characters are off the map,
they should be positioned on their click. When a
game effect causes a character to be replaced:
• Tokens assigned to the replaced character
are assigned to the replacement character,
including tokens for the action that placed
them on the map, unless otherwise specified
by that effect.
• The replacement character must occupy
squares that were occupied by the replaced
character. If this is not possible, the
replacement character may occupy squares
adjacent to squares that were occupied by
the replaced character.
• Any ongoing effects that apply to the replaced
character continue to affect the replacement
• If the replaced character was given a nonfree
action this turn, then the replacement
character is considered to have been given a
non-free action this turn as well.
• You may only replace a character if that
character began the game as part of your
Victory Points When one or more characters
replace a character that began the game on your
force, and all replacement character(s) are KO’d,
award victory points equal to the point value of
the replaced character that began the game on
your force, unless the value of the replacement
character(s) is higher.
Example: Jeff is using a Duo character with a
point value of 200. Jeff gives the Duo character a
power action to use Split, replacing the Duo with
the qualifying replacement characters Hero-A (100
points) and Hero-B (75 points). If only Hero-A is
KO’d, Jeff’s opponent will score 100 points. If both
Hero-A and Hero-B are KO’d, Jeff’s opponent will
score 200 points.

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