No Man’s Land

001 Lock-Up
002 Batgirl
003 Ultimate Clayface
004 Poison Ivy
005 Killer Croc
006 The Joker and Harley Quinn
007 The Penguin
007a The Penguin
007b The Penguin
R100 Utility Belt
R100c Utility Belt (complete)
R101 Gas Pellets/Smoke Grenade
R102 Batarangs
R103 Grapnel Gun
R104 Flash Grenade
R105 Rebreather
R106 Handcuffs
R107 Batman Cowl
R200 The Batcave
R200a The Batcave (+10 points)
R200b The Batcave
S101 Gas Pellets/Smoke Grenade
S102 Batarangs
S103 Grapnel Gun
S104 Flash Grenade
S105 Rebreather
S106 Handcuffs
S107 Batman Cowl

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