All characters have one or more lightning bolt symbols printed next to their range values. The number of lightning bolts is the maximum number of different targets the character can target with a single ranged combat attack unless a game effect
indicates otherwise (for example, by indicating “targets all characters”). A character can’t target the same character more than once during a ranged
combat attack. If a character attacks more than one target, that
character must be able to draw a line of fire to each target.  A character can use its full range against each character targeted. When your character targets multiple targets with a ranged combat attack, make only one attack roll; compare this Attack Total to every target’s defense value. Divide the attacker’s damage value any way you choose among the successfully hit targets. A successfully hit target can be dealt 0 damage or any non-fractional amount of damage, provided that all damage dealt is divided among the successfully hit targets.

Example #1: Jason gives a ranged combat action to A, which has two lightning bolt symbols next to its range value. Jason chooses two opposing characters within A’s range and line of fire.
A has an attack value of 9. Jason rolls 2d6, with a result of 8. The Attack Total is 17 (9+8=17). Jason compares his 17 to the defense value of the two targets: One is B, with a defense value of 18, and the other is C, with a defense value of 15. A misses B, but he hits C for 3 damage. A can’t deal less than 3 damage to C.
Example #2: Norm uses A to make a ranged combat attack targeting B and C, hitting both targets and dealing 4 damage. Norm could choose to deal 2 damage to each target, 3 damage to one target and 1 damage to the other, or 4 damage to one target and 0 damage to the other.

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