Most HeroClix characters are mounted on a base that takes up one square of the map; these are called single-base characters. A multi-base character is mounted on a base that takes up more than one square. A multi-base character
occupies all of the squares each of its bases occupies and is adjacent to each square adjacent
to the squares its bases occupies. Squares on opposite sides of a multibase
character are not adjacent to each other. A multi-base character that occupies two
bases is a peanut base. Peanut bases can be oriented in any two adjacent squares. A multibase character that occupies more than two
squares is a larger base character. A larger base character is only allowed to be oriented horizontally or vertically; it can’t be oriented diagonally. Multibase
characters can’t be carried or knocked back. They can’t be placed by the Telekinesis power.

When a multi-base character moves, choose any square occupied by the multi-base character to begin the movement. The character moves as if it is a single base character moving from the chosen square and follows all movement rules accordingly. Multi-base characters must always end movement so that all of its bases occupy legal, adjacent squares. No part of the base may be moved more squares than the one chosen for the move. If any square a multi-base character occupies is hindering terrain, the character is considered to occupy hindering terrain when it begins to move, no matter which square it starts from

When attacking or drawing a line of fire to or from a multi-base character, the player attacking or drawing the line of fire can choose to attack or draw the line of fire to or from any one square occupied by the multi-base character. When attacking a character on the same elevation, a line of fire to another character will be blocked if it crosses any square occupied by a multi-base character. One square of a multi-base character will not block the line of fire from another square it occupies. When a multi-base character’s attack or line of fire involves multiple targets, each target may have a line of fire drawn from a different square, as long as each square is one that the multi-base character occupies.

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