If a character has no other means to enter and
leave areas of elevated terrain (such as the Leap/
Climb power or the Flight ability), it must use stairs
and ladders. A character can’t “jump off” elevated
terrain to a different elevation unless a game effect
allows it to ignore the effects of elevated terrain on
Part of a stairway or ladder is on terrain of a
lower elevation and part is on terrain of a higher
elevation. A character must pass through the
two squares of different elevation to change
the character’s elevation. On some maps, the 2
squares of different elevations have numbered
triangles where the number indicates the level of
elevation of each side of the red boundary line.
Characters occupying the two squares through
which a character can change elevations can make
close combat attacks against each other as if they
were adjacent. Stairs and ladders are clear terrain,
unless there are map boundary lines indicating
Elevated terrain itself has no other effect on

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