jean600x752Turquois_XGive this character a close or ranged combat action (minimum range value 4) that deals no damage. A successfully hit target becomes friendly to
your force. Each target hit may be assigned one action as a free action, immediately
after which the target becomes an opposing character again. Deal this character 1 unavoidable damage if the successfully hit targets’ combined point value is 150 points or more.

FAQ – -There are three big changes here.  First, Mind Control is no  longer activated by a power action.  Instead, it is activated with a close  combat action or ranged combat action.  This means you can now use Mind  Control with Charge or Running Shot (or any other effect that  allows your character to take a close/ranged combat action).

Second, your Mind Control character will still take damage if you use  it on expensive characters, but the threshold has been raised to 150 points  instead of 100.

Third, and related to the previous point, your character will only ever take  1 unavoidable damage now when controlling large-point characters.   It  does not matter if your Mind Controller controls 150 points or 1500 points: it  will take only 1 unavoidable damage for doing so.

All of these changes serve to make Mind Control a much more formidable  power.  I always found it very useful (who doesn’t enjoy using your  opponent’s own force against him?), but using Mind Control is now much  more flexible and combo-friendly AND the penalties for using it are much more  forgivable.

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