When a player rolls doubles on a successful attack
roll, the target is knocked back after any damage
taken from the attack is applied. Knock back
represents a character being thrown backward by
the force of an attack. Certain game effects might
knock back a character or allow a character to
ignore knock back (examples– Powers: Charge;
Abilities: Great Size; Other effects: Multi-base
characters). Game effects that allow a character
to be knocked back or prevent knock back are
checked before damage is dealt.
A knocked back character is moved back
one square for each 1 damage taken. Move the
character in a straight line away from the attacking
character—called the knock back path—even if
that path is on a diagonal. If multiple characters
take damage from a game effect that causes
knock back, resolve the knock back starting with
the character farthest from the attacker.
If the knock back path is not along a direct line,
then the knock back path follows the diagonal line
starting with the square that is on the opposite side
of the target from the attacker, in both the vertical
as well as horizontal direction.
Movement along a knock back path ignores
the effects of hindering terrain and objects on
Game effects that activate as a result of a
character moving are not activated by a character
moving due to knock back.

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