It’s Thanksgiving in HeroClix Online!

HC_News_CB_SALEIf you have not signed up for HCO, now is the perfect time to do it.   Again it’s free to sign up and to help you grow your online collection, HCO announced that there will be a discount on clixbux (virtual HeroClix money) November 22nd through December 1st.  They will also be giving away a PHYSICAL (meaning real life) figure to a lucky winner.  Also, if you read my post 7 reasons to play online, there will be another player organized FREE to join HeroClix Online league starting November 21st.  Click here to sign up and get your practice on.


Here is the official announcement from HeroClix Online

Greetings Heroes!
With Thanksgiving coming up, we have some exciting news to share!! We have a Clixbux sale going on from November 22nd to December 1st. During that time, all players who place 1st or 2nd in any tournament will be entered to win a random physical figure* from our secret stash!!

We are also excited to announce one of your fellow players, Demecles, has organized a free 4-week league that starts tomorrow!! For more details, visit

Last but not least, get ready because the Shi’ar are coming! In a few short weeks, we’re bringing several figures from the Wolverine and the X-Men set to HeroClix Online including Korvus, Lilandra, Smasher, and other Shi’ar characters.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Heroes!

-The HeroClix Online Team

*Physical figures will only be awarded to U.S. winners, while any winners outside of the U.S. will be offered a free digital figure of their choice instead.


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