the_flash_by_javigarcia-d49n4okbrown_XGive this character a power action and move it up to its speed value. It adds 2 to its d6 roll when breaking away and can use .Improved_MovementInfinity
During its move, this character may, as a free action, make one close combat or ranged combat attack with its range value halved for the attack. This character must be in a square where it could legally end its move in order to make the attack.

From HeroClix Website – Like Leap/ClimbHypersonic Speed now requires a break away roll.  And, like Leap/Climb, you get a +2 bonus to the break away.  This means that your speedsters will now have to think long and hard about using Hypersonic Speed if it is adjacent to an opposing character; no longer can they zip around the map with little fear of impediment.  Sure, a +2 bonus means that break away failure will be rare, but when it does happen, the action ends immediately and the character can’t even attack (much less run away).  And with the changes to Plasticity, even if your speedster isn’t adjacent to an opposing character when it is given the power action to use Hypersonic Speed, it may still have to stop mid-action if you aren’t careful!

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