Hindering terrain represents an area containing trees, furniture, debris, objects, and other similar items that might obstruct both a character’s line of fire and movement. Close combat attacks are not prevented by hindering terrain. Any line of fire or path of movement that crosses hindering terrain (including the square occupied by the target) is labeled a “hindered” line of fire or path of movement. A hindered line of fire is treated as a clear line of fire for the purposes of powers and abilities that require a “clear” line of fire, with the additional effects below.
• Movement: Hindering terrain impedes
movement. A character that crosses from
terrain that is not hindering for movement
into a square that is hindering for movement
must stop moving. Any character that
begins its movement in hindering terrain
halves its speed value before moving.
• Line of Fire: Hindering terrain impedes
line of fire. If a line of fire between two
characters is hindered, modify the target’s
defense value by +1 for the attack, unless
the only square of hindering terrain
crossed is occupied by the attacker.

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