Which HeroClix Starter Sets should you buy?

If you are new to HeroClix you will soon realize that there are lots of different options when it comes to purchasing figures or sets.  So many in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming.  Hopefully after reading this post you can get a better understanding of where you should start and which items to purchase to better meet your individual needs.

That being said, for new players I recommend you start by purchasing HeroClix Starter Sets – also known as Fast Forces.  They come with everything you need to get started which (usually) includes a rulebook, dice, 6 “exclusive” figures and (what I like most) 2 maps to play on. Furthermore, Wizkids has done a great job of giving us Starter Sets of the most popular comics, movies and more – Batman, Superman, Avengers, X-men, Lord of The Rings, Hulk, Street Fighter etc.

Below is a comprehensive chart we’ve created of all the starter sets available on the market today (starting with the most recent).  You can click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier.  I will be adding to the chart as new sets come out. Check it out

PictureNameYear Online
Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool Thunderbolts Fast Forces Pack2014NoNo$$4
DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes - Legion of Doom Fast Forces Pack2014NoNo$4

Marvel Heroclix Avx X-men Starter Set
2013NoYes - Large Custom$$$5

Mage Knight: Resurrection: Campaign Starter

Heroclix DOTA 2 Dire Starter Set - 5 Figures

HeroClix Thor: Dark World Starter Set

Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics Series III Starter Set

Kick-ass 2 Heroclix Fast Forces Mini-figure 6-pack
2013NoNo $4

BioShock Infinite HeroClix 6 Figure Starter Set

Man of Steel HeroClix 6 Figure Starter Set

HeroClix Fear Itself The Mighty Scenario
Large Custom

HeroClix: Fear Itself: Blitzkrieg
Large Custom

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans: The Ravagers

Marvel Heroclix Iron Man 3 Movie Starter Set

Wizkids Star Trek Tactics - Series 2 Starter Set 4-Pack

HeroClix DC - Batman Streets of Gotham

Heroclix DC - Batman - Fast Forces 6-Pack

HeroClix - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Now that you’ve seen the long list of options, before you to decide which Starter Set(s) you should buy, we ask that you first answer the following question.

Do you want to play for fun, competition, or both?  Once you have answered this question your purchasing decision will be much easier.

Most players new to the game will usually want to play for fun so I will address this first.

HeroClix Starter Sets – Playing for Fun

When it comes to purchasing a HeroClix starter set for a “just for fun game” the choice is simple. Buy the set with the characters you like most! What’s great about HeroClix (especially with the newer sets) is that every figure is playable and really the most fun to be had is playing with your favorite Hero(s) or Villain(s). Whether you choose comic books (DC, Marvel), movies (Lord of the Rings, Kick Ass) or others (Street Fighter) – every set is interchangeable.  You could literally have a Lord of the Rings vs Justice League super battle if you so choose and still have a fun game. It’s really up to you!

Once you’ve purchased a starter set or sets to get you started, I believe that in order for you to have the most fun (playing not collecting – I’ll discuss that in another post),  I recommend you also go to eBay or do a google search for a site that sells HeroClix Singles and purchase your favorite character(s). This can be a little tricky because some characters have many different versions of themselves available.

To make deciding which version you should buy a little easier, as a rule of thumb I suggest you buy the newer version(s) of your favorites.  The easiest way to tell which are newer is by the base they stand on.
(figures with the Oreo cookie type base – like TheFlash on the right )                                                  flash1(1) flash2 (1)

These are usually more balanced then the older versions.  However, stay away from the high priced figs if you’re just starting out. Usually they are higher priced because they are rare, not necessarily because they are the most fun to play.  Trust me, any newer version of say Batman for example you choose to buy (even the cheapest one) will be fun to use.  Again, we’re talking about just playing for fun.

Fun and competitive play out of the box

Generally after you’ve played a few “fun” matches you will quickly realize this game can be very strategic and get quite competitive. Let’s face it, no one likes to lose! And the more you play HeroClix the more you WILL lose and lose often if your opponent uses some strategy and plays with figures that compliment each other, rather than just “cool” characters.

That being said, below you will find some of the HeroClix starter sets I recommend for anyone starting out, even if your initial intention is just to play for fun.   I am assuming that once you play the game and get comfortable with the gameplay and rules, you will want to expand your collection.

I mentioned earlier that playing with figures that compliment each other adds to the overall strategy and helps if you want to win.  The sets I recommend not only offer the most fun and the most popular figures, but also include “competitive” figures which are commonly used in combination with other figures when constructing teams. Which should help keep you competitive if you decide to grow your collection.

I’ve provided some links to Amazon for quick purchase as well, however keep in mind that prices change frequently and Amazon can sometimes be priced higher than what you can get it for on eBay for example.  

Recommended HeroClix Starter Sets

Here are my recommendations (in no particular order)

Fast Forces: Justice League
new52ffI believe this is the best FF set on the list simply because it offers fun, competitive and some of the coolest DC figures of all time. The 3 most competitive figs in the set are Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman. The Batman in this set is one of the best (game play wise) Batman versions ever made. He basically cannot be attacked unless a friendly character has taken damage or an enemy is right next to him.

The Flash has a 50/50 chance of evading an attack and Wonder Woman can be carried and still make an attack. You also get some of the most popular DC comic characters of all time –  Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Cyborg.  What’s not to love?  Well, there is one thing – the price.  If you want to purchase this set brand new, last I checked it was going for anywhere between $40 to $70 on eBay and Amazon.

Still, out of all the fast forces sets out there, this seems to be the one which its figures are used most often. Unfortunately, this set does not come with dice.

Fast Forces: Uncanny X-Men
This is my favorite set (also the first FF set I purchased) for 2 reasons.  First, because the X-Men are my favorite team of Heroes and second, they are fun as hell to play because each figure has it’s own unique style. The “competitive” figures in this set are Professor X and Rogue (an argument can be made for Wolverine as well).

Professor X gives all friendly figs that share a keyword with him the ability (depending on dice roll) to not be attacked (shape change).  Rogue can counter a power (outwit) on an adjacent figure and can use that power. Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman and Beast are all good, but other than Wolverine they don’t really offer anything special and most likely will not be added to other teams.

The main drawback to this set is that all the figures are 75 points. So if you are looking to play with a friend for the first time out of the box, you wont be able to play a typical 300 point match.

Fast Forces: Superman
It’s Superman!  Need I say more?  Seriously though, other than just having Superman this set has some great figures which can compete as well. This set has 4 competitive figs – Superman, Supergirl, Steel and Lex Luthor.

Superman at 150 is amazing! This is largely due to his first click and his (Defend) Trait. Supergirl in this set is still (in my opinion) the best version available. Steel has outwit and the Superman Ally team ability which he can use to counter abilities of hidden (stealth) characters and Lex is an excellent all around support peace.

Rounding out the set are Bizarro who is not very competitive but fun to play because of his “Bizarro’s World” trait and Kryptonian Renegade who is probably the worst of the bunch but is still a decent fig.

Fast Forces: Chaos War
I have mixed feelings about recommending this FF Set if your just starting out. Reason is that most of the figs in this set just aren’t that competitive and the figs that are, aren’t the characters most non comic geeks would want to play.  Also, the price of this set is high upwards of $60 new. That being said, the 2 competitive figs in this set (which make the price so high) Scarlet Witch and Wasp are excellent!

Scarlet Witch is probably the single most used HeroClix figure ever made. She is quite simply the best support figure available. She can make characters re-roll dice (probability), add or minus 1 to their combat values (perplex), move them around the map (telekinesis), place blocking walls so friendly’s can’t be hit (barrier), oh and if you hit her you take 1 damage (Mystics). Wasp is great as well because she can be carried around the map for free by anyone (tiny) and acts as both a support as well as a tie up figure for only 50 points.

The downside is the other figs in this set – Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Mockingbird (the figs most people want to play) are just not that great. Put it to you this way – Thor and Iron Man can’t even fly!

Ultimately,  I have to put this set on my list because they are the Avengers and Avengers are just cool! Also, I can’t overlook the fact that Scarlet Witch is the most used figure for worldwide Clix tournaments and extreme competitive play.


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