HeroClix Online – 7 reasons why you should play

As you may have read from my About page – I am a big fan of HeroClix Online.  But, for some reason it seems HCO has got some what of a bad wrap. Some of the negatives I have read are – the game is too buggy, customer service is not very helpful, overall game play is difficult to navigate, dice are unfair, and players quit when losing.

I must say that none of these issues have impacted my experience and I’ve been playing consistently for 2 years now.  Sure there are still  your occasional bugs and players will just up and quit matches when they are losing which can be annoying, but overall the system runs extremely well.

Customer service has always been helpful when called upon and the community is overall GREAT.  Most of the issues I have read that keep players from playing HeroClix Online (other than hating virtual dice) are simply just not an issue any more.

So, if you enjoy HeroClix and have never played HCO or haven’t played recently

Here are 7 reasons why you should play HeroClix Online today

1. It’s FREE.
That’s right, as of this writing it costs absolutely nothing, nada, zero, ziltch to download and play immediately. HCO used to charge a small fee of $2 or $3 for the download which may or may not have turned off some prospecting clixers.  Not an excuse anymore – it’s free go download it: here.  Also, when you sign up or if you’re an existing member you now get a free starter set of 10 WizKids Exclusive Characters

2. Learn the Rules and How to Play – Correctly
I must admit. When my brothers and I first started playing with the new rules a few years back we made tons of mistakes.  We actually used to push each character over and over again without clearing – funny stuff.  It wasn’t until I started playing online that I learned how to play correctly.  For new players and even those who have played for some time, there are a ton of rules and little nuances that are often overlooked when playing.  HCO forces you to play the correct way because the correct rules are always in place.

3. Character PreviewsScreenShot004
HCO has recently been previewing upcoming HeroClix figures several weeks and sometimes months in advance before the physical figures hit store shelves. I was playing with a virtual Wolverine and Colossus over a month before the physical Wolverine and the X-Men set was released. Currently they are previewing Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and they are AWESOME!

4. The Community
Once you log in to HCO click on the chat tab on the bottom and say “Hello”.  If you are a new player, let it be known and I guarantee (if there are players in lobby) that you will get a warm welcome.  There are lots of players online who will be glad to play a match and coach you through your first game.  If you play nice and are a good sport many players will even donate any extra figures they may have to add to your collection.  Happens all the time -communication is key.

5. Free HeroClix Online Leagues
Some very generous players choose to donate their personal (virtual) figures and host HCO leagues. These leagues are free to join and almost always have prizes just for signing up and playing a match.  There are also plenty of prizes/figures given out during the league for random reasons.  These leagues are designed for fun first, competition second, and new players are not only welcome but encouraged.  In recent leagues WizKids has contributed and given out physical figures to the overall winner.  Did I mention they’re free to join? Cool right?  An easy way to not only build your online collection, but also learn from experienced players as well.  Click here for more info

6. Practice.
This is probably the main reason why i started playing HCO.  I liked playing the table top version and when I found HCO I wanted to first, make sure I was playing correctly and second, wanted to practice so I could whoop my brothers.  As my brothers can attest playing online has given me a distinct advantage.  Matches of all types are easy to find just communicate in the chat before starting a match and let it be known what kind of match you would like to play – Themed? Competitive? Casual? Cheesy? Before you know it you will get to know who the really good players are, the players to avoid and the players who offer a fun experience.

7. Developer Giveaways
Recently the developers have been getting more involved and joining random games in HCO. The cool thing is if you are lucky enough to be selected, you have a chance to receive really cool prizes. These usually consist of random physical Limited Edition figures. For example, I was lucky enough to win a Superman and Superman physical figure just by playing (and beating) one of the developers. This figure goes for over $150 on ebay! If that’s not enough for a HeroClix fan to play a FREE HeroClix Online game, I don’t know what is. More info here

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