Convention Exclusives

D-001 Wonder Woman
D-002 Martian Manhunter
D-003 Dr. Fate
D-004 Superman and Superman
D-005 Batman
D-006 Pandora
D-007 Phantom Stranger
D-008 Question
D-009 Superman and Wonder Woman
D-009e Superman and Wonder Woman
D-010 Bat-Mite
D-011 Gentleman Ghost
D-011t Vengeful Ghost
DR101 Shark Repellant Spray
DR102 Disguise Kit
DR103 Tracer
DR104 Bolos
DR105 Plastique Explosive
DR106 Kryptonite Ring
DR107 Night Vision Goggles
DR108 First Aid Kit
DS101 Shark Repellant Spray
DS102 Disguise Kit
DS103 Tracer
DS104 Bolos
DS105 Plastique Explosive
DS106 Kryptonite Ring
DS107 Night Vision Goggles
DS108 First Aid Kit
DT001 Trinity of Sin
DT001e Trinity of Sin
DT001r Trinity of Sin
M-001 Moonstone
M-002 Apocalypse
M-003 Punisher
M-004 Venom
M-005 Mephisto
M-006 Old Man Logan
M-007 Death Mask
M-007e Death Mask
M-008 Obnoxio the Clown
M-G01 Shuma-Gorath
M-G01e Shuma-Gorath
M-G01r Shuma-Gorath
WK-001 Holiday Elf

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