When moving as a result of being given an action, this character may carry one
friendly character. When this ability is used, modify this character’s speed value by –2
until the end of the action. The following characters can’t be carried: larger characters,
multi-based characters, characters holding an object, and characters with any of the
following combat symbols:Speed_Normal_Transporter Speed_WingSpeed_Wing_TransporterSpeed_Dolphin Speed_Dolphin_Transporter. To be carried, the friendly character
must be adjacent to this character at the beginning of this character’s action. When
this character ends its movement for the action, the carried character must be placed
in a square adjacent to this character. While being carried, a carried character is not
adjacent to any other character, nor can it draw a line of fire until placed at the end
of this character’s movement for the action. A character which has been carried this
turn can’t be given an action (other than a free action) until the beginning of the next

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