Give this character a power action and make a close combat attack that deals no damage against a single opposing character with the Damage_normalor TINY damage symbol; targets that can use Phasing/Teleport or Plasticity modify their defense values by +2 for the attack. If the attack succeeds, the target character is captured and is called a captive.
Remove a captive from the battlefield until it is rescued (see below).
If this character has three captives, it can’t capture another character until at least one of the captives is rescued or released (see below), and it can’t make close combat attacks.
If this character has any captives when it is knocked out, before removing this character from the game, each captive is rescued (see below) by the active player.

Releasing captives. When it occupies its starting area, this character can be given a power action to release one of its captives into an adjacent unoccupied square also in the starting area. A released captive is immediately defeated, and this character’s player receives additional victory points for the released captive equal to 50 points or the released captive’s point value, whichever is less.

Rescuing captives. Characters friendly to a captive can attempt to rescue that captive. To do so, give a friendly character a power action; it makes a close combat or ranged combat attack that deals no damage against the target character that captured the captive. The target modifies its defense value by –1 for the attack for each of its captives. If the attack succeeds, the attacker chooses a friendly captive. The captive is rescued and put into an unoccupied square adjacent to the target of the attack. The rescued character now has one action token regardless of how many it was previously assigned; it can be given an action in the same turn it is rescued, but it is pushed normally.

Countering Capture. When Capture would be countered, roll 2d6; if the result of the roll is not doubles, Capture is not countered. If Capture is countered, all captives of this character are rescued immediately.

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