If a character occupying a square adjacent
to one or more opposing characters is
given an action and attempts to move, that
character must successfully break away
before it can move

To break away, roll a d6. On a result of 3 or
less, that character fails to break away and can’t
move; resolve the action immediately, including
assigning that character any action tokens for
that action. On a result of 4 or higher, that
character succeeds in breaking away from all
opposing characters adjacent to it. Regardless
of any game effects, a d6 roll of 1 automatically
results in a character failing to break away,
while a d6 roll of 6 automatically results in a
character succeeding in breaking away.
Only one successful break away roll is
required to move away from all adjacent
opposing characters or other game effects
that may require break away from that square.
Once a character successfully breaks away, it
can move through squares adjacent to every
opposing character or game effect from which
it broke away; but ends its movement as normal
if it becomes adjacent to an opposing character
that it did not break away from this action.

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