Blocking terrain represents areas and objects on
the map with the potential to completely impede
a character’s movement and line of fire. Any line
of fire or path of movement that crosses blocking
terrain is labeled a “blocked” line of fire or path
of movement, the movement can’t happen and
the line of fire is not able to be drawn through this
• Adjacency: Squares on opposite sides of
blocking terrain are not adjacent. Two squares
of blocking terrain adjacent to each other
across the diagonal of an intersection would
prevent adjacency between the two squares
on the opposite side of that intersection.
• Movement: Blocking terrain prevents
movement. Characters can’t move into or
through blocking terrain.
• Line of Fire: Blocking terrain prevents a line of
fire from being drawn between two squares.
Any line of fire crossing a square of blocking
terrain is blocked (except for a line of fire
between two characters on an elevation
higher than that of outdoor blocking terrain).

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