Avengers vs X-Men

001 Captain America
001e Captain America
002 Iron Man
002e Iron Man
003 Thor
003e Thor
004 Spider-Man
004e Spider-Man
005 Wolverine
005e Wolverine
005r Wolverine
006 Scarlet Witch
006e Scarlet Witch
007 Black Panther
008 Professor X
009 Cyclops
009e Cyclops
010 Emma Frost
010e Emma Frost
011 Namor
011e Namor
012 Colossus
012e Colossus
013 Magik
013e Magik
014 Magneto
014e Magneto
015 Danger
016 Hope Summers
101 Cable
102 Lei-Kung the Thunderer
103 White Phoenix Hope
R100 The Phoenix Force
R100c The Phoenix Force (complete)
R100x Assigned Character
R101 Fragment – Cyclops
R102 Fragment – Namor
R103 Fragment – Colossus
R104 Fragment – Emma Frost
R104 Fragment – Emma Frost
R105 Fragment – Magik
S101 Fragment – Cyclops
S102 Fragment – Namor
S103 Fragment – Colossus
S104 Fragment – Emma Frost

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