In general, characters will comprise the bulk of your force. A force must include at least one character.

The point value that each character has printed on its base is the number of points it costs to add that character to your force. All players should agree on the build total they will use when assembling their forces. The build total is the maximum value allowed when the point values of all characters and other elements of your force are added together. When building your force, you can choose characters and other elements whose point values add up to less than or equal to the build total—not more than the build total.
For your first games using the Core Rules, all players should use a build total of 100 points. When you feel that you understand the rules, you can begin using build totals of 200, 300, or more points; build totals are usually in 100-point increments. Increasing the build total allows you to use more powerful characters and develop more complex strategies. HeroClix battles are best balanced with a 300-point build total, but greater build totals open up the potential for unlimited gaming power!
If a character is Unique, only one copy of that character can be part of your force. Unique characters have a silver ring on their bases (older Unique characters may have a gold or bronze ring). A force can’t contain two Unique characters with the same name, the same set symbol, and the same collector’s number. If a character is not Unique, you may include as many copies of it on your force as you wish, within the constraints of the force’s build total.
Characters with a green ring on their base are Prime characters. When building a force, you may only include one Prime character on it.

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