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Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome as we continue our previews for Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past!  And what better preview than with the worst nightmares of mutants everywhere? We are, of course, talking about the Alpha Class Sentinel!

Alpha Class Sentinel is colossal figure on a 2×2 base, and is the first colossal figure to utilize SwitchClix technology and feature the new style figure base! (like those found on standard-sized HeroClix figures)  Alpha Class Sentinel comes with two bases: #G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) and #G002 Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode).   Additionally, each dial has a resource dial printed on it (for use when the other dial is attached to theAlpha Class Sentinel, more on this in a bit).  When attached to the  Alpha Class Sentinel , each of the two dials can be played at three different point values, 350, 250, or 150 points.

So, how does all this work?  Let’s take a look at the dials and find out.

alphaclass attack

If you choose to play #G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode), pick a point value and turn it to the corresponding starting line.  At the beginning of each of your turns, his first trait, Programmed to Hunt, says to roll a d6 and turn #G002 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Program Dial) to the blue click number matching the result.  Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) can then use the powers showing on that slot.

For example: blue click #4 allows him to use Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs and his damage special power, (which we’ll cover in a moment).  Defend has a black border around it, so instead of using it, he will modify his attack by +1 when targeting a character using it, and this effect carries over to all standard powers with a black border around them.  The only downside to the Programmed to Hunt trait is that Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) can’t be healed.

alphaclass defense

Alternatively, you can choose to play Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode).  As with the Attack Mode option above, pick a point value and turn it to the corresponding starting line.  At the beginning of each of your turns, the first trait for the Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode)Perfected Defense, says to roll a d6 and turn Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Program Dial) to the blue click number on the Defense Program Dial matching the result.  As above with its Attack ModeAlpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) can use the powers showing on that slot.

For example: blue click 5 allows him to use Invulnerability and his attack special power.  Black border standard powers work differently on this dial, opposing figures can’t target Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) with them, so on blue click 5, Running Shot is ineffective against him.  The drawback to Perfected Defense is that Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) is dealt one unavoidable click of damage after actions resolve, if it makes an attack.

So, now that we have a better idea regarding how each dial works with its corresponding resource dial.  So how do you switch back and forth?  Let’s take a look at each dials second trait to find out, as each is different.  Let’s look at the Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) again:

alphaclass attack

When using #G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode), he possesses a second trait called Enter Recovery Mode, that you can choose to use when he has 2 action tokens.  Enter Recovery Mode allows you to replace Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) with Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) on the same click number and at the same point value with the corresponding starting line as a free action.  When you do, roll a d6 and turn the Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Program Dial) to the matching blue click number.  (And remember, that as he has the Colossal combat ability, “when he has 2 action tokens”  can be before the end of the turn he gets his second token, or three turns later as you continue to push him with the Colossal Stamina ability.)

Conversely, when you are using the #G002 Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) dial, his second trait is called Mutant Detected and it allows you to replace Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) with Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) as a free action.  And as before, it must be swapped on the same click number and at the same point value with the corresponding starting line.  When you do, roll a d6 and turn the Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Program Dial) to the matching blue click number.

Now that we know how the two dials work together, and how to swap back and forth between them, let’s take a look at what each dial can do.  As mentioned above, each dial can be played at 350, 250, or 150 points.  Theme teams can be built around both dials utilizing their Robot, Armor, and Sentinel keywords.  Beyond that, their play styles are different depending on the primary program they are using at the time, attack or defense.

Looking at the top of the dial first, #G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) is all about combat.  First, he has the Flyer/ Transporter ability; giving him access to the Flight, Carry and Move and Attack combat abilities. He has the Sharpshooter ability, allowing him to make range attacks against adjacent opposing figures, as well as ignoring opposing figures for line of fire when not based, and Indomitable, allowing him to use Willpower.  And last, but certainly not least is the Colossal symbol, giving him access to Colossal Stamina, allowing him to break away automatically, make range attacks out of adjacency, and act with two action tokens at the cost of an unavoidable click of damage, as well as Great Size, allowing him to ignore knockback, use Improved Movement: Hindering and Elevated terrains as well as Outdoor blocking terrain, and make close combat attacks against figures on higher elevations.  All this and a 9 range with three targets will mean a bad time for your opponent.

As it is geared toward offense, Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) has attack values never going into single digits, ranging from 10 to 13, and damage values that will crack damage reducers on every click, ranging from 3 to 6.  The trade off is lower defense values, topping out at 17 and going as low as 15.

Starting at the 350 point line, Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) has a long string of Plasticity to lock down any opposing figures unfortunate enough to be adjacent to him.  The opening click can be used to inflict a lot of pain on one figure, or one unavoidable damage to all hit figures within 5 squares.  Pulse Wave will hit everything around it for 1, or do a printed 6 damage to a single figure.  If close combat is more your thing, Exploit Weakness will do that 6 damage to one figure in close combat and 5 damage on the second click.  An opening click of Invincible will half and round down the damage dealt by opposing figures.

The second click sees a couple of clicks of Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) getting some solid value out of his 9 range and three targets with Energy Explosion and printed 5 damage.  After this, a couple clicks of Penetrating/ Psychic Blast will ignore whatever damage reduction your opponent has.  Energy Shield/ Deflection will make it harder for range combat attacks to hit him for a couple of clicks, before switching to Combat Reflexes to provide the same benefit in close combat.  A couple of clicks of Probability Control will close out this section of the dial.

The 250 point starting line on Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) starts pretty much as the last section ended, as Plasticity, Penetrating/ Psychic Blast and Combat Reflexes are all here.  The next two clicks are solid close combat clicks with Flurry to do two close combat attacks, Precision Strike to avoid Super Senses and Mastermind, and ensure at least 1 click of damage is taken per attack, and maintaining Combat Reflexes to make him harder to hit up close.  Also on these two clicks is Battle Fury, making it so Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) can’t make range attacks.  The next two clicks on the dial are more range oriented as Range Combat Expert will allow him to modify his attack and damage by +1 or either by +2, while Energy Shield/ Deflection will provide protection from range attacks.

On the 150 point starting line Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode), Plasticity is back to keep muties from escaping for a few clicks.  As opposing figures most likely aren’t going anywhere, Poison will do a click of damage to them at the beginning of your turn.  Barrier will let you place 4 squares of blocking terrain to control the battle field.   The rest of the dial has Sidestep to let Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) move up 2 squares as a free action.  Also in this section of the dial, Energy Explosion is back to reign damage on groups of opposing figures before closing out the dial with Penetrating/ Psychic Blast.

Now, what does the Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Program Dial) add to the Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode)?  Let’s have a look.

As stated above, a d6 is rolled at the beginning of the turn to determine what click you are on each turn.  In the movement slot, the odd number clicks will yield you Running Shot, while the even number clicks will let you use Charge.  In the attack slot, clicks 1 and 2 give Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) a special power that lets him use Incapacitate as a free action if he has 2 actions tokens called Secondary Threat Analysis.  Clicks 3 and 4 will let him useBlades/Claws/Fangs and clicks 5 and 6 allow the use of Pulse Wave.  Also on clicks 5 and 6, in the defense slot, Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) has another special power called Inertial Retaliation Field, which says when he takes damage from an attack, the attacker is dealt penetrating damage equal to have the damage taken.   On clicks 3 and 4, the damage slot has a special power called Threat Engagement Package, which allows him to use theMultiattack ability.  Clicks 5 and 6 will allow him to us Range Combat Expert and Close Combat Expert, respectively.

As stated above, if a standard power has a black border around it, Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) modifies his attack +1 when targeting an opposing figure using that power.   On click number 1, this bonus is used against opposing figures with Perplex, click 2 gives it against Probability Control, click 3 is effective against figures with Toughness, and click 4 gains this advantage against figures with Defend.

So Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) is on click number 6.  It can us Flurry, Precision Strike, Combat Reflexes and Battle Flurry with a printed 12 attack and 4 damage.  This combo has the ability to be a close combat nightmare.  At the beginning of your turn, you roll the d6 per his Programmed to Hunt trait and the result is 4, so you click to blue number 4 on his Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Program Dial).  To the combo above, you now add Charge, (with the ability to break away for free with the Colossal ability), Blades/Claws/Fangs, and the ability to have +1 attack to opposing figures using Defend, and the ability to use Multiattack to do it all over again.  That close combat nightmare just got worse.

This brings us back to the Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode):

alphaclass defense

Moving on to the  Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) dial, we’ll look at the top of it.  First off, it loses half of its combat abilities, as it only has Indomitable and the Colossal symbol.  It also drops 2 targets and more than half its range with a 4 range and a single target.  As defense is its thing, it starts out with a printed 20 and only goes as low as 18.  The trade off is a lack of offense as attack values range from 9 to 7, and printed damage values are 1 and 2.  Additionally, there is the bit of the Perfected Defense trait that makes Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) take 1 unavoidable damage if it makes an attack.

Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) begins play on the 350 point line being able to do passive damage to adjacent opposing figures with Poison.  Once done, it can rely on a couple of clicks of 20 defense, perhaps increased by +1 with Perplex, or, push a figure away with Force Blast.  Or if you don’t mind taking the click of unavoidable damage, attack that figure and allow Force Blast to cause knockback.  The next couple of clicks allow Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) to use Mind Control to bring a mutant (or other opposing figure) over to tour side for an action.  Incapacitate will allow you to lock down an opposing character.   Outwit will let you deprive an opposing figure of a key power.  And Regeneration can help you heal back to the top of your dial, a useful ability if you swapped over from Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode). 

The 250 point starting line of Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) continues with Mind Control and Incapacitate, but this time has Combat Reflexes to make it harder to hit in close combat.  Probability Control makes an appearance for a couple of clicks to allow it to manipulate die rolls to its advantage.  The next couple of clicks let it hide in hindering terrain with Stealth.  If there is no hindering terrain available, Smoke Cloud lets it make its own with room to spare.  A click into this combination of powers and Perplex returns to allow Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) to modify one combat value by+ or – 1.  And Regeneration is back to let it heal back to the beginning of this section, and possibly beyond if you play the more expensive dial.   This section of the dial closes out by again switching to a string of Incapacitate to take it into the next section of dial.

Starting Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) on its 150 point starting line continues the string of Incapacitate started in the last section of dial.  Energy Shield/ Deflection will make it harder to be hit with range combat attacks for these couple of clicks.  The next section of dial allows Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) to move up to 2 squares as a free action with Sidestep.  Steal Energy will let it heal a click of damage if it makes a successful close combat attack.  And Barrier will give the option of controlling the map by placing up to 4 squares of adjacent blocking terrain.  Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) closes out its dial with another run of Regeneration.

Now that we’ve seen what the Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) brings to the table, let’s take a look at how the Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Program Dial) can enhance the dial.

Click number 1 has a defense special power called Sentinel Shield, which says that Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) can use Mastermind, and any friendly character with the Robot keyword within 4 squares is considered adjacent for this power.  Clicks 2 and 3 provide Toughness and a movement special power called Stealth Field, which makes it so lines of fire can’t be drawn to Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) while it is adjacent to a square of blocking terrain.   On clicks 4 and 5, it can use Invulnerability and an attack special power called Inhibitor Field, making it so opposing figures within 6 squares can’t be given power actions.  And on click 6, it can us Impervious and a special damage special power called Summon Reinforcements, which allows you to give Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) a power action when it has 1 or more action tokens to place a (spoiler alert) #001Sentinel on its orange starting line.

As mentioned earlier, opposing figures can’t target Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) with standard powers with black borders around them.    On click 1, Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) can’t have characters use Charge against him.  Click 2 makes him immune to Incapacitate.  Click 3 gives him protection against Penetrating/ Psychic Blast.  On click 5 he can’t be targeted by Running Shot.  And on click 6, Hypersonic Speed can’t be used against him.

The Alpha Class Sentinel Scenario pack also comes with some pretty specific object tokens which are sure to delight X-Men fans: (click to enlarge)

headtorsoright armleft armright hand


right legleft legright footleft footleft hand

Another great addition to the Alpha Class Sentinel Scenario Pack is the inclusion of Horde Tokens that are thematic to the Days of Future Past storyline!

human protestor

mutant protestor

sentinel hunter

sentinel sentry

Last, and certainly NOT least, the Alpha Class Sentinel comes with additional pieces that can be used to customize your Sentinel with a different look!

AlphaClass_Sentinel_parts copy


(You should see the other guy!)


There are many different configurations players and collectors will be able to assemble with these pieces, so every Alpha Class Sentinel can (and will likely) look different when fielded for battle!

We hoe you’ve enjoyed this special sneak-peek at the Alpha Class Sentinel scenario pack from Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past! Be sure to join us next week as we visit with a founding X-Man with a bankroll that soars as he as he can! Until then, have a great weekend and keep those Clix off their K.O.s!

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